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Trailer Callback: July 7-8

Encanto enchants.

It’s time once again for us to look back at recent trailers to see if they impacted the scores for those films on The Quorum. The three trailers featured here were all released on July 7th or 8th.

Just a reminder, we like to wait at least ten days before opining on the success of a trailer.

The good news is that all three films saw noticeable gains in awareness. ENCANTO leads the pack adding six points, lifting its awareness to 27. QUEENPINS added five points, though it is still well below 20. With less than two months to release, this STX film will need another catalyst to drive awareness…and soon.

THE ADDAMS FAMILY saw the smallest gain, but at 34, it easily has the highest awareness of the three films.

On the interest side, ENCANTO once again comes out on top. In fact, it’s the only film among the three to see a gain in interest. It added a very healthy 0.3 points, lifting it closer to that magic 6.0 mark that is frequently an indicator of breakout success.

Unfortunately, the other two films saw a decrease in interest since their trailer’s came out.

So, yes, let’s call ENCANTO the winner of this week’s Trailer Callback. Speaking of, the winner of the last Trailer Callback, CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG, has continued its upward climb. Back on July 9th, awareness for CLIFFORD was at 30. Ten days later, it’s up another seven points to 37.

This graph shows the two winners: ENCANTO (dark yellow) and CLIFFORD (light yellow). While ENCANTO is just beginning its climb, CLIFFORD has been on a roll for the past two weeks.

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