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Should the interest score for UNCHARTED be higher?

After a dreadfully dull January at the box office that had only three wide releases, February looks to be an improvement. At least in terms of choices. There will be nine theatrical releases next month, though only UNCHARTED looks to be on a path towards success. 

UNCHARTED is now three weeks away from release, which means it is entering the critical marketing window. This is make-or-break time for the film. 

The good news is that awareness has been on the rise. Back on January 1st, awareness was at 38%. Today it’s at 44%. That’s good enough to place it 12th among all the films currently being tracked by The Quorum

While awareness has been steadily climbing, interest has been flat. Actually, the film’s interest score has slipped from 5.4 at the beginning of the year to 5.3 today. That places it in 27th place among all titles. 

It could certainly be worse. JACKASS, which hit theaters next week, ranks 14th in awareness but 57th in interest. 

Still, with all eyes on UNCHARTED to be the breakout hit of February – the one that’s going to fill the void until THE BATMAN arrives on March 4th – it would be nice to see interest rise closer to 6.0 over the next three weeks. 

The good news is that Sony just released a new poster and a trailer yesterday. So by the middle of next week, we will know if those were able to lift interest. Let’s hope it does because aside from UNCHARTED, there are few other February releases to look to for big box office grosses. 

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