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There are plenty of examples of two thematically similar films hitting theaters at the same time. ARMAGEDDON and DEEP IMPACT hit theaters two months apart in 1998. MIRROR MIRROR and SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN were also two months apart in 2012. 

In those examples, it was easy to tell the two films apart. Obviously, they had different titles, though thematically, they were different as well. 

Later this year, audiences will get two PINOCCHIO films. This time around, both films share the same title, simply PINOCCHIO. And though they are both undated, it looks like they will both arrive around the same time at the end of 2022.

We got our first look at the Netflix version this morning, directed by Guillermo del Toro. We have yet to get a trailer for the Disney+ version, directed by Robert Zemeckis. 

There are clear differences between the two films. The Netflix film will be stop-motion animation, whereas the Disney+ one is live-action combined with computer animation. The Netflix one has a teaser poster with a black background, whereas the Disney+ version has a teaser poster with a black background. I kid, they look identical. 

Listen, the differences will (hopefully) reveal themselves as the two campaigns kick in. But for now, there is little to tell them apart. So, for the first time ever, The Quorum has decided NOT to track either one until those differences become more apparent to the general public. Until then, we won’t be able to make decisive attribution to either title. 

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