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New to The Quorum: MARIO

Truth be told, we don’t actually know the name of this movie. According to IMDb calls it the UNTITLED ILLUMINATION ENTERTAINMENT PROJECT (“I want to see that!”). The trades, and just about everyone else, are calling it SUPER MARIO BROS. 

ComScore, however, currently has it listed as just MARIO, so that is the title we will use going forward. 

While the film’s title seems somewhat uncertain, what is clear is that not everyone is on board with Chris Pratt voicing the title character. “He’s not even Italian!!!” seems to be the marching cry among critics. Sure, Danny Devito would have been a great choice, but let’s give Pratt and the film the benefit of the doubt. 

Until we know more, to MARIO or the UNTITLED ILLUMINATION ENTERTAINMENT PROJECT, we say welcome to The Quorum

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