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With A QUIET PLACE: DAY ONE, a universe is born. Next March, audiences will get a spin-off prequel to one of the most successful horror franchises of the past five years. The original film made $188M domestically and was the highest grossing horror film of 2018. 

The sequel, A QUIET PLACE PART II, made $160M right smack in the middle of a pandemic and was the 9th highest grossing film of 2021.

It seems reasonable to think that DAY ONE will do just as well even if creator John Krasinski is no longer at the helm, though he is still on board as a producer. 

As expected, DAY ONE arrives on tracking with pretty solid numbers. The average opening weekend for horror films is $16.5M, and DAY ONE is tracking well above those averages. Awareness is already at 30% (versus 18% for the group average), and interest is at 45% (versus 38% for the group average). 

No mystery here. DAY ONE should be just fine.  

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