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MICKEY 17 Gets Pushed. KRAVEN Returns. Updates On All The Comings And Goings.

There’s been lots of comings and goings on The Quorum this wee. A few films were re-added to tracking, a few titles shifted dates, while one highly anticipated movie has been removed from The Quorum.

Removed from The Quorum:
MICKEY 17: Warner Bros. announced yesterday that MICKEY 17, Bong Joon-ho’s highly anticipated follow-up to PARASITE, has been pulled off the release schedule to allow for more time in post-production. No new date has been set. As a result, MICKEY has been temporarily removed from The Quorum, though it will be back once a new date is announced.

The extra time might do the film some good. Awareness was at just 10% prior to the scheduling change. That’s a frightfully low number for a high-profile movie that was, as of yesterday, just a few months away from its March 29th release.

Date Changes:
GODZILLA X KONG: THE NEW EMPIRE: With MICKEY moving off the schedule, Warner Bros. moved GODZILLA up two weeks to occupy that newly vacated March 29th date. That’s a good sign for a film that is already showing early signs of unaided awareness.

GHOSTBUSTERS: FROZEN EMPIRE: Like a stack of dominoes, GHOSTBUSTERS was moved up a week from March 29 to March 22. Quite frankly, the 29th date made little sense when it was going up against MICKEY 17, and now, with GODZILLA on that date, the move is a no-brainer. It now opens opposite ARTHUR THE KING.

Re-Added to The Quorum:
Last fall, during the twin WGA and SAG strikes, a handful of titles got booted off their 2023 dates and pushed into 2024. These three titles were on The Quorum at one time, were temporarily removed as a result of those date changes, and now they have returned to tracking.

KRAVEN THE HUNTER: Originally slated for October 2023, KRAVEN was pushed to August 30, 2024. The film now sits on Labor Day weekend, a frame that pre-pandemic was a relative wasteland. Since then, it’s been revived as a somewhat desirable weekend thanks to SHANG-CHI AND THE LENEGD OF THE TEN RINGS and THE EQUALIZER 3. It returns to The Quorum with 26% awareness (above the 23% average for the group) and 42% interest (below the 48% average for the group.

HAROLD AND THE PURPLE CRAYON: Much like 2022’s LYLE, LYLE, CROCODILE, HAROLD is a live-action film based on a beloved children’s book. This one was slated to open on June 30, 2023, before being pushed to August 2, 2024. Awareness for the film is 12%, well below the group average of 27%, and interest sits at 37%, below the group average of 40%.

WHITE BIRD: A WONDER STORY: This one has been bouncing around the schedule for a few years. It was originally dated for September 16, 2022, before being pushed a year to August 25, 2023. Lionsgate punted it out another year to its current October 4, 2024 date. Usually, we add films closer to six months out, meaning it’s a bit premature for WHITE BIRD to return to The Quorum. However, a new trailer was released last month, so a decision was made to continue tracking the film. Awareness for the film is at 11%, just under the group average of 13%. Interest sits at 34%, well below the 41% average.

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