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Lionsgate ships SHOTGUN WEDDING off to Amazon

To be honest, we thought the days of studios selling their wares to streamers were over. Sure, it made sense during the height of the pandemic when theaters were mostly closed. But today, not so much. 

Of course, there are always extenuating circumstances. And as Deadline reports, it could have been a case of Amazon making an offer Lionsgate couldn’t refuse.  

Still, as fans of romantic comedies and as proponents of theatrical, this one stings, especially since THE LOST CITY proved that women will go to the theater for the right movie. 

With Jason Moore, who directed PITCH PERFECT, and Jennifer Lopez, who always shines in a romantic comedy, this one felt like it had potential.

Now, in terms of logistics, SHOTGUN WEDDING does NOT have a release date. Our policy on the theatrical side is that if a film is undated, it gets pulled off The Quorum. The rules are different for streamers. That’s because streamers don’t plant flags on dates the same way studios do. They announce the release much later in a film’s lifecycle. 

For streamers, we will keep an undated film on The Quorum as long as there is a belief that it will be released in the next six to 12 months. So, for now, SHOTGUN will stay on The Quorum as TBD.   

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