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Have Dwayne Johnson’s workout posts lifted BLACK ADAM?

Just as Dwayne Johnson ramps up the publicity for JUNGLE CRUISE, he has been posting several workout images detailing his prep for Marvel’s BLACK ADAM arriving in July 2022. It looks intense, to say the least.

Johnson has been sharing his workout routine for several months. Back in March, Men’s Health profiled Johnson’s workout routine. Yes, the film is a year away from release, but has the ramped-up publicity added to overall awareness?

It turns out it hasn’t. At least not yet. Awareness has remained in the mid-20s for the past 10 months. This confirms what we’ve known for some time, that still images and set photos don’t move the needle in awareness as much as trailers. But, they certainly don’t hurt. We will continue to watch this over the next few weeks to see if awareness starts to pick up.

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