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Final Tracking Numbers: CYRANO and STUDIO 666

One week after the box office roared back to life thanks to UNCHARTED and DOG, things look to quiet down considerably this weekend. Neither of the two new releases will pose much of a challenge to the holdovers. In fact, it’s likely that both will debut under $5M. 

United Artists has been aggressively marketing CYRANO for several months now. That, combined with an elevated profile through awards season, has helped lift awareness to 32%. CYRANO has a very clear advantage over STUDIO 666 when it comes to people knowing about the film. 

Still, both films arrive in theaters well below the 52% awareness that DOG had last weekend. 

The real problem here is interest. With interest scores under 4.5, there appears to be a limited appetite for either one of these titles. You might recall that DOG arrived in theaters last week with an interest score of 5.9. 

So, expect UNCHARTED and DOG to once again take the top two spots at the box office. And now we can fully shift our focus to next weekend when THE BATMAN looks to storm the box office. 

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