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Eight new films added to The Quorum

With 2021 in the rearview, let’s shift our focus towards 2022 and beyond. At The Quorum, eight new films were added over the past week. Let’s take a closer look. 

Among the new films, THE FLASH and WONKA score highest with 33% awareness out of the gate. Here’s a closer look at each:

Now that THE FLASH has been added, The Quorum is now tracking all eight Marvel and DC films slated to hit theaters this year. It may have the highest awareness among the newly added films, but THE FLASH ranks 7th in its DC/MCU group. That’s nothing to be concerned about, given that THE FLASH has another 11 months before it hits theaters, so there’s plenty of time for that score to go up. 

We wouldn’t normally add a film over a year from release, but the marketing machine is already turned on for WONKA. In October, Timothée Chalamet released the first official photo making WONKA worthy of being added to The Quorum. The high awareness comes from that photo, Chalamet’s high profile, and the fact that just about everyone is familiar with the “Willy Wonka” character.

The first KNIVES OUT had the 2nd largest box office multiple of any 2019 wide release behind only LITTLE WOMEN. In other words, people liked it, word-of-mouth was outstanding, and there was significant repeat viewership. If you believe that a sequel is a referendum on the film that came before it, then KNIVES OUT 2 should be a smash hit for Netflix. 

Every few years, it seems we get a new retelling of The Charles Dickens classic A CHRISTMAS CAROL. We’re not entirely sure there’s a need for another. But, the combination of Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell makes us at least a little intrigued by SPIRITED. The clever teaser trailer also helps. 

With NOPE coming on the heels of US, Jordan Peele has now officially entered the Peter Gabriel phase of his filmography. He is also well into the “he-can-do-no-wrong” stage of his career. With NOPE, Peele looks to score the rare mega-hit trifecta that began with his Oscar-winning GET OUT. Awareness is a bit lower than we’d expect, but we have little doubt that it will be just fine by the time it hits theaters July.

We will follow Jennifer Lopez down whatever rom-com road she travels. Add in Jennifer Coolidge, and you can take our money. So even though SHOTGUN WEDDING is only at 17% awareness, this one has been high on our radar for some time. 

THE GRAY MAN, aka “The Most Expensive Netflix Film Ever,” has certainly had a lot of press. Though it’s still undated, there is reason to think it will arrive this year. When it does, there’s no reason to believe it won’t be the next RED NOTICE. Perhaps it will be even bigger, despite the low 15% awareness.

Can we all agree that Michelle Yeoh makes every movie she’s in a bit better? Thankfully she is given the opportunity to step front and center in EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE. Multi-verses of all kinds will dominate the 2022 box office, though we’re especially excited to see A24’s take on the sub-genre.

To all of these films, we say welcome to The Quorum.

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