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Are you interested in watching this film?
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Trailer Detail:

All numbers are on a scale from 1.0 to 10.0.


The studio or streamer that is releasing the film.

AMZ – Amazon
APL – Apple+
DIS – Disney
FOC – Focus Features
FSX – Searchlight
HULU – Hulu
LGF – Lionsgate Films
NTF – Netflix
PAR – Paramount
SNY – Sony
UAR – United Artists
UNI – Universal
WB – Warner Bros.


1. DC/MCU – Films that are part of the DC or Marvel cinematic universes.

2. TENTPOLE – Large budget films that live outside the Marvel and DC universes. This group includes films from franchises like JURASSIC WORLD, JAMES BOND and FANTASTIC BEASTS to name a few.

3. KNOWN IP – This group can also be a mixed bag in that it pulls from multiple genres. These films fall into two subgroups:
1. Original films that are based on well-known IP (IN THE HEIGHTS, CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG).
2. Sequels, prequels, remakes or re-imaginations of previous films that are either evergreen in that they are brought back to theaters for different generations (CINDERELLA), feature a new cast (GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE) or have been away from theaters for at least ten years (WEST SIDE STORY).

4. HORROR – Includes both originals and sequels.

5. ANIMATION – Includes both originals and sequels, but excludes live-action family films (PETER RABBIT).

6. SEQUELS – This group includes lower- budget sequels that do not fit into the other groups.

This group includes a wide spectrum of movies at a from across the more traditional genres. Films that fall in this group include comedies (JACKASS 4), action films (THE HITMAN’S BODYGUARD 2) or dramas (DOWNTON ABBEY 2)

7. ORIGINALS – These are films that don’t fit the other groups. It is also the group with the largest number of films.

Film Release Date:
When the film is scheduled to be released in theaters and/or a streaming service or video-on-demand.

Trailer Date:
The date when the trailer was released.