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Wait, did THE ADAM PROJECT and AMBULANCE win the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl has come and gone. The celebrations are over, and power rankings have already been released for the next NFL season. So why are we still writing about it? Because for the films that advertised during the game, the finish line is still several months away.

The day after the game, there were reports on how the social media world reacted to the film spots, but at The Quorum we focus on the long-view of survey data. We went into the field three times over the past ten days to see how awareness and interest changed for the films advertised during the game.

Two of the films, THE ADAM PROJECT and NOPE, had aired no TV spots or trailers prior to the game; the Super Bowl was the launching pad for these titles.

Let’s just say off the bat [mixing sports metaphors?] that all six of the films had meaningful gains; it’s just some were larger than others. Let’s also say that JURASSIC WORLD: DOMINION was unquestionably a big winner. It had the largest jump in awareness and the second largest lift in interest. And as you can see above, it is firmly in 2nd place in both awareness and interest among all films being tracked by The Quorum.

It’s just that JURASSIC doesn’t need the Super Bowl to be big. There is no doubt that it will be a huge box office performer. We’re more interested in the smaller films that yielded the biggest bang for the very large advertising buck.

To that end, THE ADAM PROJECT and AMBULANCE came out on top.

ADAM saw big gains in awareness, rising from 18% to 29%. It also helped that Netflix made the full-length trailer available online ahead of the game.

The real surprise, though, is the 11-point jump for AMBULANCE. Universal released a trailer for the film back in October (grey bar), resulting in a modest four-point gain in awareness. And yet the Super Bowl spot, which was NOT supported by a new full-length trailer, resulted in an increase of 11 points.

Contrast that with NOPE, which was given the star treatment including a full-length trailer and an aggressive outdoor campaign, but only saw a seven-point bump in awareness. In fact, both AMBULANCE and NOPE were at 19% awareness before the game. Ten days later, AMBULANCE is at 30%, while NOPE has only climbed to 26%.

On the interest side, THE ADAM PROJECT was, again, the big winner jumping from 5.0 to 5.8. We like to see an interest score above 5.8 by the time a film opens, and ADAM has already hit that mark. It’s also worth noting that THE LOST CITY saw nice gains rising from 5.3 to 5.7 in interest after sitting below 5.5 for a few months.

AMBULANCE may have seen significant gains in awareness, but it had a minimal jump in interest. And with a score below 5.8, it still has a ways to go before getting into the safe zone for a strong performer.

The real surprise, however, is the lukewarm scores for NOPE. Director Jordan Peele has a cult-like following as a filmmaker, and no one would ever accuse Universal of not putting their muscle behind the film, yet interest in the movie is the lowest of the six titles. With an interest score of 5.2, it’s clear that more work needs to be done before its July 22ndrelease.

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