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Trailer Callback: July 22-29

Things are looking good for 3 of the 4 films.

From Will Smith and Lady Gaga to Paul Rudd and the all-star cast of DUNE, this Trailer Callback isn’t short on star power. Who reigned supreme? Which trailers led to the biggest bump?

Now we’re talking. Enough with these five or six-point gains in awareness. We’ve got some big moves this time around. KING RICHARD rockets from 9 to 24, while HOUSE OF GUCCI jumps 13 spots to crack the 30 mark.

GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE and DUNE didn’t see much of a gain in awareness. It could be that it’s simply harder to increase awareness when you’re already at an elevated level. And it is true that, at 35, awareness for GHOSTBUSTERS is already fairly strong. But, in the case of DUNE, we can see that GUCCI just leapfrogged right over it.

When we look at awareness over time, we see that DUNE (bright yellow) has stalled while GUCCI (brown) easily surpassed it.

It’s a similar story on the interest side. The interest score for RICHARD went up an astounding 0.7 points. GUCCI rose a still good 0.2 points. But, once again, GHOSTBUSTERS and DUNE are stalled. Interest for DUNE actually went down 0.1 points. And, RICHARD (putty) isn’t far behind.

Still, despite not moving, GHOSTBUSTERS has an elite interest score of 5.8. As you can see below, GHOSTBUSTERS ranks 8th among all upcoming releases in interest.

Bottom Line: Despite minimal movement from the trailer, GHOSTBUSTERS is in a good position with the highest awareness and interest of the four films. The trailer launches for RICHARD and GUCCI were unqualified successes. That leaves DUNE as the odd-film-out. Despite the incredible cast, and despite its presence all over the Olympics, DUNE still isn’t getting much traction, according to these numbers.

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