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The BULLET TRAIN campaign starts with a bang.

Every now and again, a trailer comes along that makes you sit up and take notice. As a viewer, you can tell that the filmmaker and the studio are on the same page. All parties involved have a clear understanding of what makes the film special, and they have distilled it down to two incredible minutes.

Think of the sloth in the ZOOTOPIA trailer, when Lady Gaga finally sings in the trailer for A STAR IS BORN, or when Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling take flight in LA LA LAND. It’s the rare spot that leaves you wanting more when so many trailers leave you wanting less.

You can now add BULLET TRAIN trailer to the list. If the opening scene in the quiet car doesn’t convince you that you’re in good hands, then the first note to the Japanese-language version of STAYIN’ ALIVE will. Or perhaps it’s the sight of Brad Pitt in full, undeniable major movie star mode. 

Between this and his cameo in THE LOST WORLD trailer, Pitt is clearly enjoying the afterglow of his long overdue Oscar (ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD). 

Ok, so how big can this film get? From the trailer, it looks like BULLET marries the action of UNCHARTED with the bright color palette and humor of FREE GUY. UNCHARTED debuted to $44M while FREE GUY pulled in $28M back in August when theatrical was beginning its recovery. 

We will use these two films as comps, though it’s not hard to imagine BULLET outperforming both of them.

Let’s start with the numbers for BULLET. At the moment, 19% of people know about the film, and, on a scale of 1-10, it has an interest score of 5.4. 

Here’s how that looks when compared to the comps. Starting with awareness, you can see below that at day of release, awareness for UNCHARTED (dark yellow) was at 49%, while 45% of respondents knew about FREE GUY(light yellow). 

At 19%, BULLET has to double its score by release to reach that same high-40 range. With a July release date, the film has plenty of time to climb those heights. For now, we would expect to see awareness jump at least a dozen points over the next ten days. Anything above 30% by mid-March would be great. 

Switching to interest, UNCHARTED (light blue) opened with a score of 5.7, just shy of the 5.8 score for FREE GUY (navy blue). 

With an interest score of 5.4, BULLET (medium blue) has some work to do. Note that both UNCHARTED and FREE GUY experienced steady climbs in interest as they approached release, so we would expect to see the same for BULLET. 

As you know, we like to get at least two post-trailer fieldings to fully measure the impact of a trailer. So stick around, and we will circle back next week with a report on how the numbers for BULLET have changed. Until then, you can check back here for updates.

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