The Quorum

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Fee or Free

All upcoming releases, among those with an interest in seeing each film


Will you pay to watch this film or will you only watch if it is free?

Rank Title Date Dist Group Fee Free

Fee or Free:

All numbers are a percentage only among those expressing some level of interest in the film.


FEE – The percentage of people with an interest in seeing the movie, who would be willing to pay to see the film either through a ticket price or a premium fee at home.
FREE – The percentage of people with an interest in seeing the movie, who would only watch the film it was available to them for free.

The studio or streamer that is releasing the film.

A24 – A24
AMZ – Amazon
APL – Apple+
DIS – Disney
FOC – Focus Features
FOX – Fox
FSX – Searchlight
HULU – Hulu
LGF – Lionsgate Films
NTF – Netflix
PAR – Paramount
PAR+ – Paramount+
SNY – Sony
UAR – United Artists
UNI – Universal
WB – Warner Bros.


1. DC/MCU – Films that are part of the DC or Marvel cinematic universes.

2. TENTPOLE – Large budget films that live outside the Marvel and DC universes. This group includes films from franchises like JURASSIC WORLD, JAMES BOND and FANTASTIC BEASTS to name a few.

3. KNOWN IP – This group can also be a mixed bag in that it pulls from multiple genres. These films fall into two subgroups:
1. Original films that are based on well-known IP (IN THE HEIGHTS, CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG).
2. Sequels, prequels, remakes or re-imaginations of previous films that are either evergreen in that they are brought back to theaters for different generations (CINDERELLA), feature a new cast (GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE) or have been away from theaters for at least ten years (WEST SIDE STORY).

4. HORROR – Includes both originals and sequels.

5. ANIMATION – Includes both originals and sequels, but excludes live-action family films (PETER RABBIT).

6. SEQUELS – This group includes lower-budget sequels that do not fit into the other groups.

This group includes a wide spectrum of movies from across the more traditional genres. Films that fall in this group include comedies (JACKASS 4), action films (THE HITMAN’S BODYGUARD 2) or dramas (DOWNTON ABBEY 2)

7. ORIGINALS – These are films that don’t fit the other groups. It is also the group with the largest number of films.

Film Release Date:
When the film is scheduled to be released in theaters and/or a streaming service or video-on demand.