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New To The Quorum: FREELANCE

Relativity is back with just its second release since shuttering in 2016. Between 2011 and 2016, Relativity pumped out decent-sized hits like LIMITLESS, SAFE HAVEN and FREE BIRDS. Under the stewardship of the larger-than-life Ryan Kavanaugh, the studio even took some big swings with expensive titles like IMMORTALS and MIRROR MIRROR. It could be argued that Kavanaugh’s success with mid-budget titles led to the founding of STX in 2014.

But while STX is no longer a going concern, Relativity is back with FREELANCE, a big, shiny action comedy starring John Cena and Alison Brie. We will follow these two incredibly likable actors into any jungle they lead us, even if it does look like a knockoff of THE LOST CITY minus the purple sequined jumpsuit.

A few weeks ago, we noted that the studios had all but abandoned October 6th. No more. That’s where you’ll find FREELANCE. And by the looks of things, it may do some decent business. FREELANCE belongs to the Low group, meaning we believe the film has a production budget below $50M. The average opening for films in this group is $8.2M.

As you can see here, FREELAND is tracking just ahead of the average for all films in this group at the same distance from release. If Relativity can keep it up, this film might pull in some decent business. Will it match the $30M opening for THE LOST CITY? Maybe not.

Awareness for FREELAND is much lower than CITY.

And even though the interest numbers for the two are similar, FREELANCE may struggle to keep pace with CITY, which showed extraordinary growth through release.

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