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Back in September, Warner Bros. gave us this teaser poster for THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS. It was certainly intriguing, but where was Keanu? Up until mid-November, with little more than a month to go before release, this was all we had. No other posters were released. 

But then, on November 17th, the floodgates opened with Warners releasing new posters on an almost daily basis. Today, less than two weeks later, we have over a dozen new full, international, and character posters to whet our appetite. 

The lack of material mirrored the low awareness for the film. Over the past 12 months, awareness for the film hovered in the mid-’30s. The release of the trailer on September 9th (grey bar) did little to increase awareness. But boy, has that changed. Since these posters started hitting the street, awareness has rocketed from 32 to 44.

Now, for the first time, MATRIX ranks among the top 10 films on the awareness chart. 

Finally, awareness has caught up to interest. MATRIX has always performed well on the interest side – it has been among the top 10 for several weeks. But now, the two metrics are in alignment. 

While SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME looks destined to win the holiday season by a wide margin, MATRIX is now making its case for the #2 spot. Awareness for WEST SIDE STORY is only a point behind MATRIX, but as you can see below, there is a sizable gulf between the two films on the interest side. 

Having said that, MATRIX is the last of the 2021 Warner Bros. films to get a day-and-date release (thankfully, that is ending), which means the box office for the film will be suppressed. That could be enough to lift WEST over MATRIX in terms of box office grosses. 

If, however, the numbers for MATRIX continue on this upward trajectory, it may still beat WEST at the box office despite getting an HBO Max release. Stay tuned, folks.

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