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Cinderella is on the rise.

Amazon looks to score with another pandemic pick-up

What happens when you combine Camila Cabella, Billy Porter, and “Rhythm Nation”-era Janet Jackson? Magic. Or at least, very high levels of awareness.

Amazon spent the pandemic scooping up titles originally set for a theatrical release but sidelined by theater closures. Most notably, it released COMING 2 AMERICA, WITHOUT REMORSE and THE TOMORROW WAR – all developed at Paramount for the big screen.

Most recently, in early May, Amazon announced that it struck a deal with Sony to release the newest version of CINDERELLA starring Cabella and Porter.

Since then, Amazon has been aggressively marketing the film, including a fun, brightly colored trailer put out a week ago.

It seems to be working. The chart below shows awareness over time for COMING (bright yellow), REMORSE (brown), and CINDERELLA (light yellow). COMING had an incredible awareness of 58 when it opened. REMORSE hit 37, which is only one point higher than CINDERELLA. With a few more weeks left before its debut, CINDERELLA should have no trouble climbing higher than REMORSE.

Also charted in beige is JOLT, a film developed at Amazon. You can see the difference in awareness among the films sold from a major studio versus the one that wasn’t.

CINDERELLA looks to be yet another successful studio pick-up for Amazon.

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